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Inclusion & Diversity

HYVST has a long and proud history as an industry leader. As a distributor, we don't make anything; our customers can buy what we offer from anywhere else. It is our people that differentiate us; the relationships they build with their team mates, suppliers and customers help us win.

Our team members bring different skills, perspectives and experiences to the table to help customers keep their facilities running and the people in them safe. In turn, HYVST is committed to creating a workplace where hardworking, talented people can thrive.

We attract, develop and retain top talent in every market we serve and leverage their diverse perspectives to grow the business aggressively and profitably. When every team member knows that his or her voice is being heard and accomplishments recognized, we unlock the team's full potential, and the potential of the business.

Creating an inclusive culture is a continuous journey and we are committed to accelerating our momentum globally. It starts with seeking out and welcoming similarities and differences to get to the best outcome for customers and the business, while learning and growing through the process.

Thanks for your interest in HYVST. I hope to welcome you to our winning company and inclusive workplace.


CONTACT: Have questions or comments? Send us an e-mail: export@hyvst.com or call: +86 579 8717 2043

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